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  • ATM Investments

    Are you interested in making a small to mid-range investment?
  • ATM Investments

    Do you want another stream of income?
  • ATM Investments

    Would you like to receive monthly payments after you have invested?

Terms of Agreement

1) I am located in Guyana, South America.

2) I'm a Freelancer, not a registered Business.

3) The Investment will last for 24 months.

4) The Investment will pay for 20 months.

5) There is a grace of 4 months - this means that you will not receive payments for the first 4 months of the agreement.

6) Payments may not all be the same, as they may increase month after month.

7) You will receive 1000% payback on your overall investment.

8) Once your 1000% payback from your investment is completed, the contract will end.

9) Payments will stop after the agreement is completed or contact ends.

10) You are required to sign an agreement before you invest, however, this will be your decision.

11) Once the program begins you will not be able to make an additional investment.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.